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Windows bundles together various features to help you get started in all domains of activity. One in particular is used globally in computer use, namely the clipboard. You’re well-aware that only one item can be saved per operation, but there are also third-party enhancements such as CopyAndPaste to overcome such limitations.

First of all, CopyAndPaste is not packed inside an installer, so you can see what it’s all about from the moment download is done. More than that, it can be carried on a thumb drive to use on other computers, without affecting stability. System registry entries are not affected during runtime, but you do need to be sure that the target computer is fitted with .NET Framework.


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The application quickly gets you up and running thanks to the simple, intuitive design. Chances are you end up scratching your head for a while, but once you copy a few elements you realize how things go. Note, however, that the only content which is supported here is text, so it has no use for files or anything else.

The window resembles a classic writing pad. In fact, it even is a writing pad, because you’re free to edit content and write any text string of interest, which comes in handy for adding more details before you save content. Copied elements also end up in the same space, delimited by a blank row.

Every text string you copy gets automatically pasted in the text area. Sadly, inserting it somewhere else means you need to copy it from the pad, which creates an additional content. There’s no option to send everything to clipboard unless you manually select it. More than that, the application is devoid of export options.

Bottom line is that CopyAndPaste Crack isn’t really the clipboard enhancement tool you’re looking for, but more likely a text pad which automatically grabs content of clipboard and appends it to the opened document. It could have done with a save function, at least under the TXT format.

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