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Besides a pretty landscape, or beautiful portrait, pictures also hold related information regarding devices used to take the shot, exposure settings, GPS coordinates, and more. This set of details is known as EXIF, and can easily be viewed from the Properties panel, under the Details tab. Additionally, one can use exif2clipboard to extract data, and have it sent to clipboard.

Although comes with a small executable file, the application does nothing on launch. There’s no issue here, but this is because it’s actually a command line utility, and needs to be launched via the Command Prompt. Administrator privileges are not necessarily required, which means holding down the Shift key, and right-clicking the source folder can reveal an option to launch a Command Prompt window.


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Just to make work a bit more efficient, it’s best to copy target files, or the program itself so they’re all in one folder. This prevents writing the file with the full path when configuring the command. On the other hand, simply dropping a picture file over the program EXE copies EXIF data without having to use a Command Prompt instance.

By default, all EXIF details are grabbed, such as camera model, ISO, exposure time, focal length and number. However, switches can be used to pick only a detail type of interest, and even specify pre, or post tags, and what separator character to use for details.

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