Clipboard IP

Clipboard IP 2.1 (Crack + Keygen)

The Clipboard IP application was designed to be a software that allows the easy access of stored IPs through hotkeys.

By using CTRL + A you can access stored IPs to prevent the repetetive nature of closing & opening a program. CTRL + A also progresses through an array of IPs.

Clipboard IP

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It helps because you don't have to keep closing COD4; you just have the application running, open COD4 and hit your hotkey (default CTRL + A) to have the IP saved to your clipboard making access easy! But what if the IP is rejected? You'll still need to close the game for a new one, right? Nope. You can have up to 20 IPs of your favorite servers stored and simply hitting the aforementioned hotkey will progress through the array of IPs.


- Open the application from a desktop shortcut (if you have one) and the program will run silently in the background.

- As has been said before: CTRL + A (default hotkey)* will save the IP to your clipboard without having to mess around with minimizing apps, games, etc.

- To add extra IPs you can:

#Open the IP file in a text editor and add an IP in the format ip

#Right click on the system tray icon and expand the textbox from 'Add IP'

#Right click on the system tray icon and click on 'Add IP' and use the available interface.

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