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It’s the simple things that count, and this goes well even with Windows features. For instance, the built-in clipboard is one small feature you don’t even see, but work without it seems close to impossible just to imagine. What’s more, its functionality can be greatly enhanced with the help of applications like CopyPlus.

The application’s core function is to help you get past the limit of the clipboard which lets you store only one item at a time. However, it’s also meant to be used only with text, having no effect when used with files, since pasting needs to be done inside a text editor.


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With the main window up, you only need to spend a few seconds reading what it’s about, and how it’s used. Hitting the activate button puts the whole process in motion, and minimizes the main window. All text strings you copy are saved, with the possibility to have sound alerts enabled.

For even more comfort, the application can be made to run with Windows. However, minimizing, and running takes up some taskbar space, since it can’t directly go to the tray area. Pasting text also depends on the main window, which sadly can’t be brought up with hotkeys, because they’re not implemented.

When grabbed enough text strings, pasting can be done in several ways, but all of them triggered from the main window. You need to be quick, because once pressing paste, you have a couple of seconds at your disposal to make the text editor the active window.

Disappointment might kick in as soon as you realize there’s no option to pick from saved items. This is because the application pastes everything, with options to select delimiters, which can either be tab, or at most two lines. Additionally, you can have text formatted before it’s pasted.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that CopyPlus Crack is only handy for grabbing multiple text items, without being interrupted to paste it after each copy. It’s used to save all text at once, with no option to view what’s inside the clipboard. What’s more, there’s no built-in hotkey for this special paste, and the regular one only pastes the last item.

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