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The virtual space you spend your time in has some cool advantages, like the possibility to duplicate anything from text to files by pressing some button combinations. Windows keeps only the last copied item in the clipboard, but this feature can be enhanced with applications like MultiClipBoard.

The application takes little time to install, and you can check out the set of features before you know it. Upon launch, a compact window shows up, and you might not understand much, since there are only a few small, difficult to identify buttons. However, there’s the possibility to expand the main window to view the whole set of options.


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As the name suggests, the core function is to extend the limit of the default clipboard, by letting you copy more elements, and past in the ones of interest. Initially, you only get to work with three slots, but this can be increased to any number you see fit. In addition, you can also set the number of read items on clipboard.

However, you’re not limited to the number of slots you define in the main window, because a new one is created every time you copy something. Pasting, on the other hand, requires a bit more effort, because you need to bring up the menu, select the item of interest, and only then it can be inserted. There’s also a tray icon, but the application doesn’t show stored items there.

What’s more, there are two methods of storing items in the clipboard. By default, you need to select the save slot, otherwise the newly copied item replaces the previous, without moving to an empty slot. Luckily, pressing a single button makes MultiClipBoard Crack create a new slot every time you copy something.

Moreover, you can use the application to store just about anything. In other words, even copying files from your computer stores them there, while selecting it from the list and pasting takes little effort.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that MultiClipBoard is a practical utility that greatly enhances the functionality of your clipboard. It might not be as refined as you’d expect, with a bit of time needed to figure out functionality, but once you get the hang of it, you realize the amount of help it brings, letting you copy and store more than just text.

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