MultiClpbrd 1.6 (Crack + Keygen)

MultiClpbrd is a small, simple but smart and reliable program that sits in tray and collect all the text pieces copied into cliboard.

Using one of shortcut key combinations provided, you can popup a list of text portions and paste it into current edit position.


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Here are some key features of "MultiClpbrd":

· Unicode is used to store grabbed text portions and to copy/paste. In particular, this solves some localization problems with copy/paste in Win2K.

· If a current window does not understand WM_PASTE message (e.g., form fields in browser), use ENTER to select desired text, and if it was not paste, use CTRL+V or SHIFT+INS as usual to paste it therefore. Press ESCAPE to close list without pasting any item.

· Up to 100 last text pieces are stored. If you copy the same text again, it is moved to a top position, but without duplicating it in history list. And, the last text which is paste from a list, also is moved to a top of the list.

· While selecting a text to paste, you can delete undesired items on the fly (DELETE key). The list window can be resized with mouse - next time it appeares with the same size.

· You can add several custom strings to a "fixed" list (using notepad, called by selecting tray icon popup menu item "Edit Fixed Strings"). Such strings are displayed above the horizontal line "--------..." preceding the top (initially selected) item. It is not necessary to restart MultiClpbrd Crack after changing fixed list.

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