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Although it isn’t quite visible in any form, the Windows clipboard is an incredibly helpful feature. It temporarily stores all kinds of info so you can insert in supported target apps, and this includes text. However, text also grabs format options, and with the help of ClipExact you have text stripped of all style options to paste as plain text.

A considerable advantage is that the application is good to go from the moment download is done, skipping you the time, and effort otherwise required to go through a setup process. As such, registry entries remain intact, without having to worry that stability of the target PC gets affected in any way.


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The application minimizes to the tray area at launch. Luckily, a window shows up to let you know it’s there, and shows a few details regarding what can be accomplished. There’s no need to interact with the tray icon, unless you want to temporarily disable its feature, so you grab text from its source with all its customization options intact.

No additional hotkeys need to be configured, because the application is capable of reading default hotkeys for copy and paste operations. Once text string is copied, the tray icon gets animated, but without bothering, or distracting your attention. There’s no need to wait for any processing, because format stripping is done on the spot.

As mentioned above, the core function can be disabled at the press of a button. However, if you want to allow a one-time exception, you can restore formatting right after text is copied. Sadly, there’s no default option to make it run with Windows, but you can place a shortcut in the system Startup tab to bypass this inconvenience.

In conclusion, ClipExact Crack can save you a lot of time when moving text from one editor to the other, especially when different font settings are involved. It requires no installation to run, while the set of options makes it easy to temporarily disable font format stripping, or allow a one-time exception.

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Package size 384 KB
Supported systems Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003

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