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No more searching for obscure documents that have that one blob of text or formatting. Clipboard Extender allows you to quickly organize and use hundreds of keyboards.

Anything you can save in the clipboard can be saved in a clipboard extension and sets of clipboard extensions can be saved to a disk file making your copy/cut operations permanent. Sets of Clipboard Extensions can contain an unlimited number of clipboards and you can have an unlimited number of sets.

Clipboard Extender

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The clipboard is one of the most useful computer tools ever developed. The main limitation is that there is only one clipboard on the system and it is temporary. If you want to copy several things from one document to another you must copy the first element, paste it everywhere you need it and the repeat the process for each thing you want to copy.

With clipboard extensions you can copy each element and save it into a clipboard extension. When you have everything you need go to the document you want to use them in, select the extension you want to use and paste it. Clipboard extensions can be used in any order and reused as often as you like.

Not only can you save your clipboards permanently but you can organize them into sets so you can easily find the particular clipboard you are looking for. Create a set of frequently used text in business letters as well as the letter head itself.

Create sets of frequently used Excel formats and formulas. Generate a custom resume in minutes by storing all of the elements of your resumes, including all of the different ways you have of describing each thing, into a single clipboard extension set. You can simply open that set and paste anything together quickly.

In addition to simple clipboard operations you can use Clipboard Extensions to create templates of frequently generated documents. Anything you can copy and paste can be stored in a Clipboard Extension, saved permanently and reused as often as you like.

You can have a virtually unlimited number of extensions within a set and you can have multiple sets open at one time.

Unlike Office Clipboard, Clipboard extensions work anywhere that copy/cut and paste operations are supported. In email, software development environments, database, administration even DOS commands.


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