AutoClip 3.00 (Crack + Keygen)

The default Windows clipboard is practically invisible, and it can only hold one item of each type. Luckily, developers came out with various solutions to extend the number of slots it can save, thus greatly extending its functionality. One such example is AutoClip, and keeps an eye on everything you copy, letting you reuse all past items at any given time.

On the one hand, the application is portable, which means that you can easily store, and use it directly from a thumb drive on other computers besides your own, which also enables you to have all favorite clip items with you at all times. Another advantage of portability is that system registries remain intact, not affecting the stability of the target system.


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The application’s main window resembles a plain text editor, with most of the space being used to show items you copy. In order for it to save items, the core function needs to be turned on, so it’s best to keep an eye on the main window at all times, especially if you rely on all text strings you copy.

The way in which clips are saved is in the form of plain text, and each clip is separated by a custom delimiter. Unfortunately, pasting is rather frustrating, since you need to turn off auto clip first, select the text you want to copy, and only then paste it in the target field.

When minimized, the application stays in the taskbar, with no option to minimize to tray area and have a simple menu brought up for quick selection. Saving is automatically done when closing the application. However, exporting needs to be manually done by grabbing all saved items.

You’re free to manually edit text as you see fit, just like in a regular text editor. In addition, the application comes with 8 different slots to save custom text strings. Sadly, you need to access that particular menu every time, with no option to assign hotkeys, or any other faster way.

In conclusion, AutoClip Crack comes with good intentions, but is really nothing more than a plain text editor which monitors the Windows clipboard, and automatically pastes everything you copy inside. Export options are limited to the print function by default, while the custom slots don’t really help, since it gets time consuming to just access them.

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