DLMSoft Copy/Paste Clipboard Extender

DLMSoft Copy/Paste Clipboard Extender 2.0 (Crack + Keygen)

DLMSoft Copy/Paste Clipboard Extender is an easy-to-use tool that will allowyou to work with multiple clipboard copies in just about any language.

Here are some key features of "DLMSoft Copy Paste Clipboard Extender":

DLMSoft Copy/Paste Clipboard Extender

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■ You can have up to 100 copy buffers, up to 64K each.

■ Easy navigation between the buffers - simply click on an item in the right list panel and the selected buffer is displayed in the left part of the window. Once the buffer you need to work with is there, you can copy, change or print it.

■ "Catch copies" - check if you want Copy/Paste to catch text when you copy.

■ Float - Copy/Paste can stay on top of all other windows. That allows you to see and work with the copy buffers without switching from other applications. Switch it on/off by clicking on the "Float" check box.

■ Append - allows you to keep adding to the current buffer. Useful when you need to copy from multiple sources into one buffer. Switch it on/off by clicking on the "Append" check box.

■ 3-part status bar: character counter, line counter and page contents.

■ Selecting (highlighting) the text in Copy/Paste left window will automatically copy it when you switch to another window.

■ Format menu - set Copy/Paste to use your favorite font, font size and color.

■ System Tray support - left-click to bring Copy/Paste to the front or right-click to access its menu.

■ Copy/Paste Clipboard Extender 2.0 supports text copies only.

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