NippyClippy 1.1 (Crack + Keygen)

Windows features don’t necessarily have to be completely visible to be of use. Take, for instance, the clipboard, which has no actual visual form, but it’s close to impossible to imagine using a computer without it. However, there’s only one available slot, but you can use applications like NippyClippy to enhance this.

The application comes in a pretty lightweight package, and it doesn’t even require installation to be of use. This means you can also carry it around on a thumb drive with ease, just in case you want or need to use it on other computers than your own. Registry entries are not affected, so the health status of the target PC remains intact.


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As far as the visual design is concerned, the application offers everything in a classic window frame. There’s not much to look at, with several empty fields representing the slots you get to use in the process. Each is fitted with a button to send the particular string to the clipboard so you then easily insert it where needed.

The general copy operation is not affected in any way. The default clipboard is still the transition mode for copy and paste strings, so the application only holds custom strings, which you need to manually paste in the appropriate slots. Unfortunately, there’s no possibility to have hotkeys assigned for better pasting capabilities.

The application doesn’t minimize to the tray area, and it can take a little desktop space. Sadly, there’s no option to make it stay on top of everything else. In case you want to have it ready by the time you reach the desktop, a neat trick is to add a shortcut to the system startup folder.

Bottom line is that the clipboard is an incredibly helpful feature, even if it only comes with a single slot by default. NippyClippy Crack doesn’t really come as a clipboard enhancer, but rather to offer physical view space of items you decide to store and quickly use at any given moment through the clipboard.

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