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Mobile devices often read the same type of info as a computer from different file formats. Read methods evolved throughout the years, but in most cases, conversion is still a necessity. When it comes to text, ClipboardDoc can create documents with little effort, allowing you to then upload on the device of interest.

Before you can fully enjoy what the application has to offer, you need to make sure that Java Runtime Environment is a part of the target computer. On the other hand, there’s no installation required, so you can use it directly from a USB flash drive, without having to worry that any registries get modified in the edit process.


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A pretty compact main window shows up on launch, making accommodation a walk in the park for both beginners, and experienced individuals. Most of your effort narrows down to writing the path to save, or relying on the built-in browse dialog.

Apart from save location, the application also gives you the possibility to specify conversion category, with values picked from a drop-down menu, whether or not to compress the new document, and make it private.

Hitting the Create button instantly saves the new file, but not under the format you might expect to find. Unlike the name suggests, text is saved under a PDB format, and not DOC. This is because the application is intended to create documents mostly for PDAs, and other similar mobile devices relying on this format.

The application creates the new file based on what’s inside the clipboard. There aren’t any editing options, so you need to make sure text you grab is neatly arranged. Unfortunately, there isn’t an automation function either, so you need to hit the “Create” button with every new clipboard content of interest.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that ClipboardDoc Crack is a practical application for easily creating documents out of large clipboard contents. Sadly, there’s only one type of output available, with no built-in features to have files created after each copy operation for more comfort.

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