Ten Clipboards

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Windows comes with an impressive package of utilities, some with more features than others, but even small ones, like the clipboard, make the whole experience worthwhile. Sure enough, you can only store one copy of each item at a time, but this is where specialized applications like Ten Clipboards come in handy to expand the number of slots.

Like the name suggests, the application adds nine more slots to the default clipboard, so you can keep ten simultaneous entries. It sits in the tray area when not used, and interacting with the corresponding icon brings up a small window, letting you visualize the type of item stored, and preview, in case it’s text.

Ten Clipboards

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Some tweaking needs to be done, because the application always replaces the first item by default. Switching to multi copy mode allows you to fill in each slot by simply copying an item. In addition, there’s the multi paste function you can use to paste from all slots, but you need to be careful with the type of content you have in store, and where you want to paste it.

However, using the multi tool has its drawbacks, because pasting doesn’t automatically make the application pick the last saved slot, and sticks to the empty one, thus pasting nothing. Luckily, these actions can be configured, with options to always leave multi copy on, or leave the application to handle all functions.

You can also turn it temporarily off in case you only want to work with one item for a while. There’s the possibility to have items saved for later use, and these are easily selected from the preview box. Unfortunately, you can’t assign hotkeys to clips, nor paste them from the corresponding tray icon.

Bottom line is that Ten Clipboards Crack is a handy extension to the default Windows clipboard, but requires a bit of getting used to at first. Sadly, you can’t set up hotkeys, even though there are only ten slots. On the other hand, it helps save a great deal of time, and effort when having to copy multiple items from one place to the other.

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