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Koppi is a freeware utility used for copying onto the clipboard.

A minor inconvenience in Windows Explorer is that you cannot copy a graphic file to clipboard that you can paste as a viewable graphic into a graphics program.


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Koppi resolves that little problem by putting both a graphic format and drag-drop data format onto clipboard. You can then paste as either a viewable graphic into a graphic program or paste the file as normal elsewhere. A non graphic file, or a graphic that can't be handled by Koppi ( see list below ) will be copied as just drag-drop data. Koppi will also copy an RTF or HTML file as raw data so that it can be pasted without a problem.

Koppi cannot handle multiple file selection.

To register Koppi with Explorer, after extracting Koppi.exe to a folder of your choice, use 'Start/Run' and browse to koppi,exe. Ad ' /r' (note space) then click OK. This needs to be done only once. This will add the option 'Koppi to Clipboard' to the explorer menu.

To unregister do as above but use ' /u'.

Supported file types:

■ Truevision images (*. tga, *.vst, *.isb, *.vda and *.win)

■ TIFF images (*.tif; *.tiff)

■ GFI fax images (*.fax)

■ SGI images (*.bw, *.rgb, *.rgba, *.sgi)

■ Autodesk images files (*.cel; *.pic) old style only

■ Truevision images (*.tga; *.vst; *.icb; *.vda; *.win)

■ ZSoft Paintbrush images (*.pcx, *.pcc)

■ Word 5.x screen capture files (*.scr)

■ Kodak Photo-CD images (*.pcd)

■ Portable pixel/gray map images (*.ppm, *.pgm, *.pbm)

■ Dr. Halo images (*.cut, *.pal)

■ CompuServe images (*.gif)

■ SGI Wavefront images (*.rla, *.rpf)

■ Standard Windows bitmap images (*.bmp, *.rle, *.dib),

■ Photoshop images (*.psd, *.pdd)

■ Paintshop Pro images (*.psp)

■ Portable network graphic images (*.png)

■ Joint Picture Expert Group (*.jpg, *.jpeg)

■ Windows Metafiles (*.emf, *.wmf)

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