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Although you never get to actually see it, the Windows clipboard is an incredibly useful feature. However, it can only store one entry at a time by default, but developers came out with various applications like Klipboard to extend the number of slots and functionality.

It installs before you realize and minimizes to the tray area where it spends most of its time. Note that it completely relies on the Win + V hotkey command to paste entries, and you need to make sure it’s not used by other programs. The downside here is that it cannot be changed, and you’re constantly prompted whether or not to try to assign the command again.


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When active, the application captures all text input, but only in the form of text. Moreover, all formatting options are discarded so you’re only able to paste plain text. Doing so requires little effort, and using the assigned hotkey brings up the visual representation of the clipboard to select the item to paste.

This can also be done by interacting with the tray icon. By default, it’s configured to run with Windows, which is a good thing to have it ready every time you reach the desktop. Entries can be removed from the list one by one. In any case, closing the application automatically makes you lose all entries.

There is no possibility with which to save all entries to file, but you can have entries loaded from the last time by enabling a dedicated option. The default limit can be increased with up to 255 usable slots. Additionally, you can make the application store bitmaps as well.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Klipboard Crack is a practical extension to the default capabilities of the clipboard. You might find the dependency for the default hotkey pretty frustrating, but it’s sure to help save all text entries you copy for easy processing.

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