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Net ClipShare is the ULTIMATE and unique Windows clipboard sharing system utility. Once you try Net ClipShare you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

The Windows clipboard is used to transfer data between programs or to move/copy information from one place to another within a document. It remembers only the last item moved/copied. Each time an item is copied to the clipboard, the previous item is lost and cannot be recovered. To the rescue comes Net ClipShare.

Net ClipShare

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Net ClipShare can remember an unlimited number of cut/copy operations and restore them on demand! Even more amazing is that Net ClipShare can be used by multiple users across local area networks

Net ClipShare sports an intuitive clip recorder that remembers everything you cut or copy from an application.

The clip recorder history can be adjusted to remember anywhere from 3 to 99 clips.

Clips can be grouped into an unlimited number of clip libraries. You can have a library of web graphics, another of html code, another library can store frequently used text clips for business documents or stories and still another could benefit programmers who need to store frequently used pieces of language code. The possibilities are endless! Your clip libraries are always easily accessible with just a mouseclick or two.

Saved clips can be used across networks so that multiple users can access the clips. For example, a network user working on a graphic can send it to another user who is writing a document in a word processor or setting up a web page.

Clips can be locked so that they are retained in the local history or clip library indefinitely. Of course, until you expressly remove them.

Net ClipShare always analyzes your clips before pasting them into an application to make sure compatibility is ensured. An incompatible graphic can be converted to a bitmap during the paste operation to guarantee a successful paste. At the same time, the original clip is available to applications that can handle the original clipped data.

Popup messages and tray icon alerts signal you to nearly every Net ClipShare activity.

Net ClipShare saves all clip data, whether it is formatted text or graphics. Of course, you can limit what is saved to unformatted text if you prefer.

Sounds can be played whenever a clip is being recorded. Several common sounds are included with the program.

Net ClipShare Crack can be temporarily suspended so that it does not interfere with your confidential computer activities. Even if clip recording is turned off, you will still have full access to all of your clip libraries.

One clip library can be designated for monitoring. When monitored, you will be notified whenever another user on the network adds a clip to the monitored library. Network monitoring is discreet in the sense that it does not interfere with what you are doing.

The sensitivity of the clip recorder can be adjusted.

A maximum clip size can be specified so only clips smaller than the designated size get recorded.

The maximum clips per library can be adjusted independently.


■ 15 day trial

What's New in This Release:

■ Improved support for Microsoft Office Products that monitor the clipboard. Note that future releases will improve this support even further.

■ Improved OLE continuity between application sessions.

■ Minor adjustments to clip recorder timers.

■ Other code enhancements to improve performance.

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