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Imagine not having the possibility to store a temporary copy of text or files to easily insert them wherever needed. It’s close to impossible, and is the reason why the Windows clipboard is among the top features, even if you don’t actually get to see it, unless you decide to enhance it with applications like I Love Clipboard.

As soon as you’re done with the quick installation process, the application’s main window shows up, but also puts a new icon in the tray area to quickly launch it from there. A compact, classic window frame with a few preset text entries are shown on launch, with the possibility to access the options menu for quick configuration.

I Love Clipboard

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Needless to say that copying a text string makes it automatically appear in the application’s main window, which is the visual representation of the Windows clipboard. All entries are stored until the program is closed, with no option to limit the total number of elements you can store. On the other hand, you can prevent important entries from being discarded by locking them down.

You can use a preset combination of keys to bring up the application’s menu at any given time, and there’s no other way to select clipboard items, not even from the tray icon. Double-clicking an item places it in queue for the paste operation, with the main window disappearing as soon as you do.

In case you find it convenient to work with, the options menu gives you the possibility to make it run with Windows. What’s more, you can choose to insert custom text strings before, and after the clipboard item, but this applies as a general rule, and not just for a selection of clips.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that I Love Clipboard Crack is a practical clipboard extension which quietly sits in the tray area and captures every bit of text you copy. The list of items is brought up through a preset combination of keys, making the paste operation of custom items, a walk in the park.

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Supported systems Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows 9X, Windows ME

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