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Many of you might often find yourselves in the situation where you need to copy and paste various data to and from multiple documents, an operation that can prove quite difficult, give the fact that the clipboard can not save more an one element at a time.

However, tools that allow you to have multiple chunks or data saved on the clipboard do exist, and ClipSafe is one of them.

ClipSafe Clipboard Backup [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!]

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With the help of this tool, the copy-paste operations are simplified, as all of the copied data is automatically kept within reach for easy pasting in multiple documents.

The utility saves all data on the clipboard, thus ensuring that none of the copied content is lost. Moreover, it provides you with the possibility to access the secured pieces of data fast, courtesy of a System Tray icon.

The application has been built with an integrated viewer, which makes it easy for users to view any of the content that has been saved to the clipboard. Moreover, the tool also provides you with details on when the data has been added to the clipboard, for simplified management capabilities.

The utility is launched at Windows startup, thus being designed to monitor all of the content saved to the clipboard from the moment you turn on the computer until you turn it off.

Regardless of when the data has been added to the clipboard, you can restore it fast in any order, without having to browse through documents once again.

One thing that should be noted, however, is the fact that the tool is rather old, and that you might not be able to enjoy its capabilities on some of the latest Windows versions.

All in all, ClipSafe is an easy-to-use, fast application designed to secure data added to the clipboard in order to prevent it from being accidentally deleted. It might not be compatible with the latest Windows releases, but it can prove a reliable tool on older ones.

Rating 2.6
Downloads 3279
Package size 635 KB
Supported systems Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows 9X, Windows ME