Hamsin Clipboard

Hamsin Clipboard 3.03 (Crack + Keygen)

Hamsin Clipboard provides you with advanced functionality that extends the options of your default clipboard. It gives you the possibility to store up to ten keywords or text blocks copied from various sources, then use them when editing documents or browsing your computer.

The program allows you to track the clipboard history and store the last ten clips, which can be used later to paste them wherever you need to. In addition, you can paste several clips in a sequence or merge them.

Hamsin Clipboard

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You can save your favorite clips, or the ones you use frequently use, so that you can paste them anytime, in order to avoid retyping them. The application runs in System Tray and has an user friendly interface, as you can see each clip saved. This way, you have access to most of the features of Hamsin Clipboard on the spot.

Besides, the application supports many keyboard shortcuts, creating instant access to your clips. For instance, you can paste all your clips in any order, by using the dedicated hotkeys, thus saving a lot of time spent manually selecting each clip from the application’s menu.

Furthermore, you can stop the application from recording new clips in its history log, in order to avoid losing older important clips. A handy feature of Hamsin Clipboard Crack gives you the possibility to save the clips the way they look, by maintaining their fonts and characteristics. The program also supports most standard clipboard formats, such as plain, OEM and Unicode text, text locales, bitmaps, metafiles, palettes, drag-drop files and rich text formats(RTF).

By using the application, you can expand the standard functionality of your Windows OS-provided clipboard, by seamlessly saving your clip history and allowing you to store up to ten clips, as the standard clipboard saves only the last one, which is overwritten any time you copy something.

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