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AEdiX Suite is an advanced software application that comes bundled with a code and HEX editor. The code editor works with various programming languages, such as JavaScript, Java, C, C + +, SQL, HTML, Pascal, ASP, Perl, ASM, PHP, VBScript, Python, Visual Basic, and XML.

The tool reveals a multi-tabbed environment which allows you to edit different documents at the same time and switch between them with ease. The looks of the GUI can be changed with the aid of different themes. The layout is not quite highly intuitive so you may need extra time to decode its set of options.

AEdiX Suite

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Files can be imported by dragging and dropping them directly in the main window. The utility offers support for an Explorer-like panel which provides direct access to the files and folders stored in your computer. It also keeps a list with all your projects. Projects may have a custom name, can be saved to your computer so you can alter them in the future, and may host multiple files.

Predefined HTML code snippets can be quickly added in your files. Plus, you can make the selected text strings uppercase or lowercase.

What’s more, AEdiX Suite gives you the possibility to make use of syntax highlighting options, employ scripts (it supports scripting using ‘RemObject PascalScript 3’ based engine), perform searches, wrap words, print data, undo or redo your actions, perform clipboard-related tasks (cut, copy, paste), delete info, and generate bookmarks.

The application is able to display a popup box that lists functions/elements that you can select from and add to your code so you do not have to remember all the elements. Code text and hints are available for PHP CSS and SQL.

Preset hotkeys can be used for faster actions. Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to select data by line or column, export the information to HTML or copy it to the clipboard, clean up HTML data using a dedicated tool, as well as show or hide special characters.

You are allowed to adjust the background color of the editor, set the width of the tabs, change the text font and color, configure the active line color, set up favorite folders which can be accessed from the main window, alter the color used for syntax highlighting, select the default saving mode (e.g. DOS, Mac), make file associations (e.g. BAT, TXT, HTML, ASP, PHP), and tweak printing parameters.

AEdiX Suite Crack comes packed with a small and fast HEX editor which allows you to drag and drop files directly in its GUI. The layout looks easy to decode. You can undo or redo your actions, look for data, print the information, switch between an octal, hexadecimal and decimal display mode, and alter the font and colors.

All in all, AEdiX Suite helps you edit source code using a set of useful options like multiple file support and syntax highlighting, and is suitable especially for professional users.

Rating 4.2
Downloads 14285
Package size 2.2 MB
Supported systems Windows All

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