EdIt! 1.2 (Crack + Keygen)

EdIt! is a fast, mouseable replacement, windowed for DOS's EDIT command. Ideal for BAT and text files under 64k, especially on networks: no more walking around to update users' files!

Here are some key features of "EdIt":


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■ Potentially save hours updating files across LANs

■ Microsoft and LANtastic network support (NET USE, LNET, LNET_MGR)

■ Open multiple files and groups of files, with support for wildcards

■ Windowed interface (written in Borland's Turbo Vision)

■ Mouse support

■ Small size -- 135k total! (approx. 1/3 that of DOS's EDIT & QBASIC combination, 1/4 the size of Boxer 5.0, and 1/10 the size of VED 3.31!)

■ Fast; written in Turbo Pascal and assembler, not BASIC

■ Does not require QBASIC.EXE to run, as does DOS's EDIT

■ Wordwrap

■ Paragraph and document reformatting

■ Variable right margin & tab stop settings

■ Autoindent mode

■ Save desktop (including all open files)

■ Shell to DOS using as little as 240 bytes of memory

■ 28- and 43/50-line video mode support

■ Convert from and to Unix and Macintosh text formats

■ Text can be centered

■ Ability to jump to specific line numbers and "preset" locations in documents

■ Undo

■ Search & replace

■ Clipboard (cut, copy and paste)

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