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NFOs are a special type of text files, which can also contain ASCII art or release notes regarding the product they accompany. While this format can be accessed using regular text editors, it is recommended to open NFO with dedicated applications, as they can correctly render all characters as the intended graphic.

QuickNFO is such an app, featuring an intuitive interface that is not crowded with countless buttons or menus, but is rather kept as minimalistic as possible. However, in order to make the most of this utility, users need to make it the default software for opening NFO files.


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One simply needs to run QuickNFO, then navigate to the Options section, and tick the box corresponding to associating the format with the app, so that when they want to open any NFO, the program is automatically launched. The main window can be set to always stay on top of the other open apps.

Users with advanced computer skills can modify the default settings of the extraction parameters as they see fit, yet novices are advised to leave these values unchanged.

QuickNFO Crack can also come in handy to those who often check SFV files accompanying various packages they download from the Internet to make sure their integrity has not been tampered with.

In the end, even though its looks might not seem appealing at first, the functions of QuickNFO are bound to convince all those in search of a NFO viewer and SFV checker to give it a try. And considering it comes with a freeware license, it might even be a keeper for some people.

Rating 4.0
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Package size 334 KB
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