Transits for Astro-Trading

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Transits for Astro-Trading is a useful piece of software that offers you a straightforward way to accurately calculate the mundane planetary transits, as they're also called, between two moving planets with an angular relationship.

Right off the bat, you should know that the app also allows you to calculate the conjunction, opposition, trine, square, sextile, semisextile and quincunx values of various planets by a central point.

Transits for Astro-Trading

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This is the perfect time to point out that this central point can vary, depending on which type astrology system you want to use. For example, the Earth is the central point in geocentric astrology while the Sun takes its place in heliocentric astrology.

That said, it would not hurt to do a bit of reading by consulting the provided documentation found on the app's website, even though the app is quite novice-accessible, as we are sure you'll find out.

Getting started with this utility requires the minimum amount of effort on your behalf thanks to a typical, wizard-based installer. The application sports a fairly-oldschool yet intuitive user interface. Unfortunately, since it's not customizable, you are stuck with the default UI theme which doesn't exactly have the most relaxing color out there.

To start taking advantage of everything this utility has to offer, simply add the start and end dates, choose the centricity and aspect types from their dedicated fields, click the "Simulate investment" button, and the transit details should be displayed in the lower section within just a couple of seconds.

In addition, the application allows you to choose the first and second planet, as well as their outer, middle and inner orb values. Last but not least, you can save the app's current state and even export the results to a plain text file.

All in all, Transits for Astro-Trading Crack is a practical application for calculating the mundane transits between two planets with an angular connection. The application undergoes a simple installation process, it's extremely light on system resources and, thanks to its WYSIWYG interface with all features right on display, it can be used by novice users with no problems.

If we were to nitpick, the only thing we could reproach is the slightly outdated interface and the lack of UI customization features, but that is by no regards a deal breaker.

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