SingleCrystal 3.1.3 (Crack + Keygen)

SingleCrystal is a comprehensive application that can display simulated X-ray, neutron and electron diffraction patterns, using various consecrated techniques.

The application is valuable mostly for Chemistry and Physics students and professionals. The ability to generate stereographic projections makes it a particularly useful tool for teachers. Anyone passionate about crystal diffraction patterns will also draw value from it.


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SingleCrystal features a multi-tiered interface that relies on several frames. Multiple quick-link buttons adorn the top-side of the main window. Numerous menu items are also present, and all these things considered might entitle one to deem the program's interface as complex. Newcomers should persevere, however, as graphical representations are highly informative and most menus only deal with fine-tunings.

The resource can load multiple types of files, from specialized, program-specific graphics documents to common images, such as GIFs, JPEGs, BMPs and PNGs. Once a valid file has been loaded, the program will display the crystal, complete with a stereographic projection.

This is the core function of this utility, as it allows one to view the angular positions of vectors. For even more accuracy, one can load a diffraction image and compare the resulting patterns. The reflections can be labeled and the software allows users to measure parameters between diffraction spots, such as distances and angles.

Users are free to rotate the source crystals, which allows one to actually get a sense for the angles and distances mentioned above. The tool also allows users to save their sessions, as well as to export projections to pixel or vector based formats, for quick dissemination.

All in all, SingleCrystal Crack is a comprehensive program that can be especially useful for anyone studying crystal diffraction patterns.

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