Scrabble Trainer Software

Scrabble Trainer Software 7.0 (Crack + Keygen)

For those who take their games seriously, Scrabble Trainer Software is here as a handy complementary solution that should improve not only their memory but also their ability to spot the right choice from multiple invalid alternatives.

Scrabble Trainer Software is an application whose purpose is quite apparent: it comes as a sidekick to your favorite word game and is designed to recreate the competitive atmosphere when there is no one around to take upon themselves the role of the rival.

Scrabble Trainer Software

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The program is as straightforward as can be and integrates two types of tests you can take to try out your linguistic abilities. But first of all, you must specify the length of the test, specifically, how many questions you want it to comprise. There is no predefined answer, so a never-ending game awaits you.

Joking aside, let’s consider the types of tests you can take. While the first one asks you to spot the correct word from a multitude of distracting alternatives, the second is based on an upside-down principle, meaning that you have to identify the odd one out.

The whole game is entertaining and does not require any tedious user input. Besides, using the keyboard instead of your mouse to answer the questions is also possible, which once again certifies the app’s responsive interface.

On the other hand, there is one particular aspect that could disappoint some of you, Scrabble fans, namely the fact that the program is only able to test your basic abilities. Only two to four-letter words are supported by the app, which means that experts might not find enough resources, and they might feel left out and rapidly lose their interest.

Nevertheless, the tests are pretty fun, and feedback is offered in real time, which means that you can continuously assess your performance and improve yourself with the help of this nifty app. What’s more, at the end of the game session, comprehensive statistics are also displayed along with the list of your choices, so you can see your evolution over time.

All in all, Scrabble Trainer Software Crack is an undemanding app targeting beginners, who can thus get to enhance not only their memory by constantly being exposed to valid words but also their attention since they are required to differentiate from a number of incorrect variants.

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