Slovoed Deluxe Czech-French & French-Czech

Slovoed Deluxe Czech-French & French-Czech 7.6 (Crack + Keygen)

Slovoed Deluxe Czech-French & French-Czech is a comprehensive software utility that helps you learn or improve your French and Czech vocabulary by finding corresponding translation words.

The application features a user-friendly interface that can be compressed to occupy just a small portion of your desktop or extended allowing you to access all it's features.

Slovoed Deluxe Czech-French & French-Czech

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Just like most virtual dictionaries, the main window is split into two sections, one that displays the available list of words and the other one shows their translation.

You can easily search for a specific word either by typing it directly in the search field or by using the virtual keyboard.

Not only does the program provide you with the possibility to perform search operations, but you can also include wildcards or display a list that finds similar words to the one that you are looking for.

In case you are having trouble remembering a word and it's translation or simply you find it too hard to remember, you can bookmark it.

An interesting feature is the program includes a quiz, that proves to be a very efficient method of helping you remember and study foreign words using cards. To be able to use the quiz, first you need to select all the words or expressions that are hard to remember, then press the 'Add Card' icon. Once you finish that, you can begin the quiz.

Another useful feature is that you can enable pop-up translations, which allow you to automatically generate translations when you hover the mouse cursor over a word found while you navigate the Internet, read an ebook or any online information.

Other significant features enable you to change the font size, create a new dictionary by giving it a name, as well as selecting the entry and translation language.

All in all, Slovoed Deluxe Czech-French & French-Czech Crack provides you with a handy set of tools that come to your aid when it comes to learning and practicing foreign languages. All through our evaluation, the application responded promptly to commands and we did not experience any problems.

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