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Previously known as PDF2QBO Converter, pdf2qbo Convert is an application capable of transforming bank statements from PDF format to QBO files, specific to QuickBooks. The software tool enables you to convert your read-only files to editable documents and work with them in a program dedicated to financial management.

pdf2qbo Convert can analyze all types of texts contained in PDFs, but it can only process transaction sheets from banks, balance record from credit card companies or other business documents from brokerage institutions.

pdf2qbo Convert+

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It analyzes table structures, in order to find columns of dates and values, that it translates to transaction records. It can ignore the currency symbols it reads from PDFs, and instead use the value alone, in order to determine the object of the transaction.

Before you upload and preview your PDF bank statement, you need to configure your QuickBook account settings. You may name the bank you are associated with, the account number as well as the currency used in your transactions.

This step is meant to ease the process of data translation, from PDF content to editable text, in QuickBooks. Then, for example, the software reads the transaction value from PDF and associates it with the preset currency from QuickBooks.

After analyzing the PDF file and extracting the data it needs, pdf2qbo Convert enables you to preview your QBO document and specify the type of data in each column. For instance, if the bank statement does not contain a header, you can easily fix that issue by assigning Date, Amount, Credit or Debit attributes to each column.

You can set the software program to read the dates according to the US or European date format, as well as choose whether to read charges as negative fields and payments as positive values, or vice versa.

pdf2qbo Convert is a simple-to-use instrument designed to help you work with bank statements in programs that only read specific types of files. You can easily convert transaction sheets from PDF read-only format to editable QBO files, compatible with QuickBooks.

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