GPS Tracker Data Logger

GPS Tracker Data Logger 2.8.8 Build 114 (Crack + Keygen)

GPS Tracker Data Logger is a software application that helps you monitor and gather information from multiple GPS trackers at the same time. It offers support for receiving and processing binary and ASCII data packets, SMS notifications, as well as logging and exporting options.

You are welcomed by a clean and well-organized set of features that enables you to view formatted data processing in the main window, logged information, warning and error messages, as well as current state of the selected data source, interface error messages and number of processed bytes.

GPS Tracker Data Logger

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GPS Tracker Data Logger gives you the possibility to set up a new data source by selecting the protocol type (TCP/IP, UDP, or UDP multicast) and opt for a client (you need to specify the remote host IP address and port number for the TCP/IP server that you want to connect to) or server mode (you need to enter the IP address of the local PC and port number that you want to use). Plus, you can create and configure multiple port configurations.

Other settings worth being mentioned enable you to automatically connect after an unsuccessful attempt, create a list with allowed IP addresses, limit the number of multiple connections, disconnect inactive clients after a custom time, and send client information to a parser before each data packet or after client has been connected.

In order to receive incoming text messages, GSM modems must be connected directly to the server where the program is running.

GPS Tracker Data Logger Crack enables you to create log files on the disk, set up file naming rules, enter the size limit, write date/time stamp to file before writing data, as well as remove old log files.

What’s more, you can display data before or after parsing, reveal parsed values, view characters with code, split strings by data timeout or characters, and insert date and time stamps at the beginning of a file, for sent or received data.

The tool lets you password-protect sensitive information by starting the logging process automatically and asking for password before starting and stopping the program, and editing the configuration settings.

GPS Tracker Data Logger allows you to work with different types of modules, such as data query (transmits queries or commands), data parser (allows you to parse, filter and format), data export (for passing serial data to other applications), as well as event handling (manage events generated by the program).

All in all, GPS Tracker Data Logger comes with a handy suite of features for helping you collect data from an unlimited number of various GPS trackers simultaneously, and is suitable especially for power users.

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