EzBacktest 2.1.13 (Crack + Keygen)

With the computer being able to process a large variety of domains and greatly enhancing communication, the stock market made no exception from the list of tasks that can be done with computer applications. In this regard, you can use EzBacktest in order to test out a stock portfolio with different situations based on a live market.

Since time is money, the application doesn't want to waste it and tries to get you quickly up and running. The interface supports multiple windows so you can customize the way elements are displayed.


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Putting the application to good use is no rocket science, only a few mouse clicks being enough. Multiple portfolios can be created and this is simply done by attributing it a name and corresponding entries. You need to specify the investment percentage, add notes if you prefer, and most importantly, specify the ticker.

However, you need to know your way around and have a portfolio ready, with no possibility to view companies along with their corresponding ticker abbreviation. The application lets you view ongoing market details regarding your plan, by hitting the “Get quotes” link, which brings up your default browser with your entries researched by Yahoo! Finance.

One of the most useful features the application comes equipped with is the graphical representation. It can be set to be displayed across a custom time span, based on a rebalancing rule you select. These range from bi-weekly and yearly to percentage modifiers.

The graph is displayed in a visually appealing and customizable graph, with your portfolio taking up most of the space in comparison to the general S&P 500 index. In addition, you can select regions to view specific balance, zoom in or out for more details, as well as a pie chart representation and legend.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that EzBacktest Crack can help stock market enthusiasts put their plans to the test so no real money is wasted. Success is not guaranteed, the application only providing accurate comparison and analysis data so you can tweak your portfolio. Many more features and tools are included, with the charm being in discovering them yourself.

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