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Transferring data from measurement instruments to a PC is not always an easy task, as it usually requires for users to manually input the numbers, especially when the device is not connected to the computer.

One of the tools that users can take advantage of it such situations is 232key, an intuitive designed to capture data from various devices and to transfer it to a computer via RS-232 (COM port). However, the tool works only with numerical data in the ASCII format.


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In addition to being able to capture and transmit data, the application can filter it to extract the first number. Next, the software formats the number based on user's needs and makes it usable within applications.

With the help of this utility, users can have any data captured from measurement instruments automatically typed into applications on the computer in the form of simulated keystrokes. The tool can extract only the first decimal number in each line.

To get started with 232key, users need to connect their measurement device to the computer, to launch the program, and then to select the port and connection parameters to ensure that the the data is transmitted correctly between the two.

Users can choose the output format in the format tab on the application's main window and can start the tool with a mouse click. Once started, the tool establishes connection with the device and can be sent to the background, as it no longer requires user interaction to function.

With 232key Crack running in the background, users can focus on ensuring that it inputs the data correctly in the target program. For that, they need bring the target application to the foreground and to place the cursor in the desired field / at the desired location.

The measurement instrument can send data to the computer with the simple push of the transfer key, which is usually called Print or Data. As soon as users perform this action, 232key writes the registered value in the target application.

In conclusion, 232key is an easy-to-use, powerful utility that can significantly simplify the input of measurement data into various computer applications. The software requires for users to connect the measurement device to the PC and can automatically write data in a target application.

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