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Even though machines can take upon themselves heavy burdens we no longer feel like coping with, there is still some areas where their accuracy leaves a lot to be desired, with the human factor being irreplaceable: communication.

This is why caring for your language skills is essential, with an application such as Spelling being quite self-explanatory in its quest to make the English language seem more approachable.


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Sporting a rather modest-looking user interface, the program was designed as a spelling test you can take, and that can assess your skills in real time so that you learn from your mistakes.

Before anything else, you need to click the “Settings” button and specify how many questions you want each test to comprise. For the more adventurous of the bunch, there are up to 10,000 challenges in one single try.

As for how the test itself takes place, you simply need to hit the “Start” button, with the program voicing specific words you must type in the dedicated field at the bottom of the main window. Note that, in case you were not paying attention or you simply need confirmation that what you heard was right, you can click the “Again” option so that the word is repeated.

In case your spelling was accurate, the word is validated, with the next entry being pronounced. On the other hand, if you misspelled the word, the correct answer is indicated in a combination of red and black font so that you can clearly see the letters you thought were correct but, in fact, weren’t.

Sometimes, you will come across words you initially misspelled, which is great since it forces you to learn by trial and error.

However, there is quite a downside to this program, namely the fact that it does not allow you to select the difficulty level. Simple words will be followed by complex ones, so especially advanced English learners could lose interest quite quickly.

On the other hand, the app compensates for this aspect by allowing you to create your own dictionary. Audio files such as MP3, WAV, WMA, and OGG are supported, so in the end, you can fine-tune the difficulty of the challenge.

All in all, Spelling Crack is a simplistic program helping you improve your English spelling skills by taking tests that make you exercise words you can come up with yourself, by expanding the dictionary.

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