Bizagi Studio

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Bizagi Studio is a powerful and reliable application designed to improve your company’s productivity in project management and application development. The program can automate several tasks in each project, thus reducing the developers’ work and time spent writing source codes.

Bizagi Studio allows you to turn any process you define into a Web application and adapt it, while working in a graphic environment, without coding. The tool allows you to drag and drop attributes into the dedicated workspace, which you can create or load from a template.

Bizagi Studio

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The program starts with a simple menu that allows you to create new projects, open existing ones or search for new templates. The program supports the .NET and JEE development platforms.

Bizagi Studio can guide you through the required steps of the process thanks to its friendly wizard-like interface. It allows you to define and configure each step from process and data modeling, organizing forms, establishing business rules to user roles. It also offers you the means to verify, integrate and deploy the application for immediate execution.

Bizagi Studio Crack features the Modeler component, which is suitable for defining process flows and designing data models. You may prepare the case information that is used in future stages of the process.

The program facilitates the design of the interface, as well as establishing the conditional flows or expressions on which the business behaviors are based. You may also create users and assign permissions, as well as manage their authentication details.

Bizagi Studio allows you to use one of two database types, namely SQL and Oracle. Regardless of which option you choose when creating a new process, the database must be already configured on your computer. You can enable/disable the Unicode support and set the connections with external systems or secondary processes.

Rating 1.7
Downloads 6024
Package size 1.5 GB
Supported systems Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 2008 64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10 64 bit

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