Neutral Trend TradeMax Premier Edition [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!]

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Neutral Trend TradeMax Premier Edition is a piece of software aimed specifically at traders and investors looking for a tool to help them better track their trade data.

Getting started with the application is easy, as users can create a new account tailored for their needs, and then import their trade activity data from a local file. Moreover, they can access an online tutorial to learn the basics of the tool with minimum effort.

Neutral Trend TradeMax Premier Edition [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!]

Download Neutral Trend TradeMax Premier Edition [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!] Crack & Serial

The software can download info on prices and other data from the Internet, thus allowing users to easily generate reports on trade performance.

The program has been built around the idea of generating various reports on trading operations, so that users could easily determine what they need to change in their strategy in order to increase their profits.

With the help of Neutral Trend TradeMax Premier Edition, traders can also generate the Summary Report, Realized Gain/Loss Transaction Report, or Cost Basis Transaction Report, along with a variety of charts and graphics.

The utility allows traders and investors to easily calculate Wash Sale between identical securities and other scenarios, while also helping them to monitor a multitude of investments. Users can also calculate Wash Sales for multiple accounts and compare them.

Trade data can be exported to multiple formats, which ensures that users can import it in other tax software, thus increasing their efficiency. The app also allows traders to easily convert data from foreign currencies to USD based on Forex Rates.

The Premier Edition of Neutral Trend TradeMax comes with support for unlimited entries and also features a Portfolio Beta module, which provides users with info on the risk-adjusted return of the portfolio.

In conclusion, Neutral Trend TradeMax Premier Edition is a powerful yet intuitive tax application that can help traders and investors review trade performance, optimize their strategy, and increase their profits with the help of a multitude of report types. Support for multiple accounts and various currencies makes this tool suitable for tracking a large number of operations at the same time.

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