Neutral Trend TradeMax Standard Edition [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!]

Neutral Trend TradeMax Standard Edition [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!] 3.5.2014.0411 (Crack + Keygen)

Being an active investor or trader usually involves having to track a multitude of operations and stocks to review performance, which often becomes time and resources consuming, unless the right tools are used.

Neutral Trend TradeMax Standard Edition is one of the programs that has been built to increase the efficiency of traders by allowing them to manage trade data and generate performance reports from a one place. However, this app iteration supports only 650 records each year.

Neutral Trend TradeMax Standard Edition [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!]

Download Neutral Trend TradeMax Standard Edition [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!] Crack & Serial

The utility has been designed as a full-featured tax application, providing investors and active traders with a wide range of tools meant to help them better assess their trade performance.

They can create multiple profiles in the software, which allows them to keep an eye on multiple trading operations at the same time. Moreover, this feature also allows them to view cash balances and account value calculations in a different currency for each account.

With this app, traders can review their trade history and can record Corporate Events, while also able to take advantage of daily reporting functionality.

For a better understanding of trading performance, users can generate Daily Account/Portfolio Value Chart Report or Mark to Market Gains & Losses Pie reports.

Investors and traders who take advantage of Neutral Trend TradeMax Standard Edition can also generate and submit reports on capital gains and losses from stocks, bonds, and other similar investments.

The application comes with support for Form 8949 Report, Schedule D-1, WashSales Detail Report, Mark to Market(Form 4797) report, etc.

The software has been designed with flexible import and export capabilities, so that users can add from various apps and also save it in different formats.

All in all, Neutral Trend TradeMax Standard Edition ca easily prove a great companion for traders and investors, courtesy of support for multiple accounts and various reporting functionality. It also offers fast access to Forex Rates and Calendar view of transactions, along with the option to record Corporate Events, which allows users to easily track their trade history.

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