Office Tracker Scheduling Software

Office Tracker Scheduling Software 11.0.5 (Crack + Keygen)

Office Tracker Scheduling Software is a professional software application whose purpose is to help you share side-by-side schedules for different events, such as appointments, meetings, training classes, project deadlines, facilities, and vacation time. You can view the schedule for any number of people for the current day and month, as well as check out past schedules.

When you run the utility for the first time, a set up wizard is revealed via your web browser letting you configure several parameters. Advanced users may skip this setup and tweak the entire process on their own.

Office Tracker Scheduling Software

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You can build up a list with the name of each person, room and resource and select between several preset categories from the list, such as Book, Building, Folder, Key, Monitor, Telephone, School, Software, Television, Sports Facility, Video, and Video Camera.

You can control Office Tracker Scheduling Software using the desktop or web client. Both of the aforementioned clients are intuitive and give you the possibility to authenticate by providing the corresponding username and password. In addition, you are given the freedom to synchronize user's default BlackBerry calendar with the Office Tracker system.

The desktop version lets you make a selection with the names that you want to include in the view. You can view the schedule for each selected name by day, week or month. You may find schedules within a specified time interval, search for events, print the information, work with a calendar, and keep track of all your contacts using a powerful built-in manager.

Office Tracker Scheduling Software helps you create a new event (which is automatically shared with other users) by writing a custom message and providing information about the start and end date, duration, and recurrence parameters, assigning keywords and labels, and setting up priorities. The current schedule can be saved to a file so you can make use of it in the future.

The utility allows you to add a new name that has access to the shared calendar by entering details about the name, type, group, email address and password. In addition, you may enable email notifications upon newly created reminders and create groups with multiple users.

You can assign privileges to a certain user or group by letting them view events, check out private schedules, add reminders, delete data, and edit time, date, descriptions, names, labels, keywords, categories, and URLs.

Plus, you may share privileges for performing several contact-related tasks, such as edit, delete, view, export, and transfer data. You can check out a list with connected users and import names from plain text file format.

You can view the status of your server (e.g. machine name, IP address, port number, serial number), check out server logs, set up admin password, change the time zone, and configure email notifications.

A built-in event manager allows you to add labels and set up their priority based on user-defined colors, insert or replace keywords, keep track of events with the aid of categories, and allow web clients to select a display icon to highlight special events or holidays on their schedule. Furthermore, you may import/export events from/to TXT file format, and delete events.

The contact manager gives you full control over importing or deleting contacts and changing ownership. The self-service scheduling is a smart feature that allows you to integrate a schedule dialog where users can make appointments right in a webpage. You can opt for automatic backups, view a list with recent backups, as well as rebuild, import or restore data.

To make a long story short, Office Tracker Scheduling Software Crack provides a comprehensive and intuitive pack of features suitable for appointment, room and facility, meeting and employee scheduling.

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