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MEDEIL is a powerful application designed to help with the management of a pharmacy. It comes with an updated drug index, stock tracking, and some basic data security features.

Most of the program's icons are easy to discern and highly visible. Users can check the pharmacy's sales, inventory, finance customer relationship management (CRM), all sorts of reports regarding the sales growth, and so on. However, the first setup process is cumbersome and forces users to go through an endless wizard login operation where they have to enter all the relevant data before even reaching the main window.


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Users can organize sales, check items, stock status, purchasing orders, and drug details with the help of MEDEIL. Also, employee data and salary, together with some details about the customers can be manually introduced to centralize in an efficient way all the data needed to treat patients.

Additionally, this application can check the pharmacy's financial status, receipts, credit and debit notes, together with bank accounts, checks, and many other economic segments. Furthermore, customer details and other client related alerts can be introduced in case they have to be contacted for a drug arrival in the store or other general needs.

This program can also keep track of the pharmacy's maintenance costs like the electricity bill, Internet, rent, phone, water supply, and lease. This way, drugstore managers do not have to use specialized third-party apps, and they can keep using MEDEIL Crack for all their needs. Additionally, small tools like calculator and calendar are also available.

MEDEIL is a relatively simple and efficient software tool that helps pharmacy managers administrate their business. It can run financial tasks, together with stock status and replenishment, and can even monitor sales and client relationship management. Overall, this program does everything that is asked of it, and as long as you have the patience to go through the cumbersome first setup process, you are able to run your business in a personalized way from the get-go.

Rating 4.4
Downloads 4760
Package size 325 MB
Supported systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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