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Managing your time is one of the first things you need to consider when taking up an ambitious project. Not only this, but every activity you perform, leisure or work related is measured in time so at the end of the day you can perform an evaluation in the hope of doing better tomorrow. You can keep an eye on how well you manage time with the help of applications such as QBadgeTask.

The application is portable, which means you can store it on a USB Flash drive, as well as that it's ready for use as soon as the download process is complete. As a bonus, the health status of your PC remains unaffected, because no registries are added or altered.


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Judging by the system time, a calendar is brought up as soon as you run the application. Only one month can be displayed, but there are navigation buttons to go back and forth, let's say in time. Sadly, there's no option whatsoever to change the display, or at least get an overview of the whole year.

If you overlook this minor inconvenience you're most likely eager to add a task or event to see how well the application performs. Confusion is the first that strikes, with rather ambiguous menus and creation windows fitted with no descriptions or help whatsoever.

It's not that they're not simple or intuitive enough, but you mostly expect everything to work well and there's no actual way to tell how everything is supposed to function. A dialog window is brought up for setting up appointments, with three timer fields at your disposal, one for working hours, as well as two additional ones for first and second pause.

You can either go ahead and open the to do list or the task creation window, with absolutely no difference in design or requirements. A name needs to be filled in, a description and elapsed time, but be careful to change the name for each entry, otherwise it's overwritten without a confirmation prompt.

Frustration starts to build up when closing the creation dialog. All your work so far seems to be in vain, with no visual changes in the calendar, nor any other way to view a list of your activities other than manually accessing all creation dialogs and windows again.

There is a built-in search tool which you can configure to look for items in a custom date interval, but it is only capable of targeting tasks, making your to do list seem almost useless. In addition, a timer is put at your disposal, but it only manages to trigger disappointment, with no noticeable effects regardless of buttons you press or changes you make.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that QBadgeTask Crack doesn't bring anything new to the market, or hardly brings anything at all. It's only a set of menus stitched together with rusty functionality, making you learn only one important thing about time after using it, that it can also be easily wasted.

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