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IQ Power is the uniquely scientific approach to intelligence testing that excludes prior problem solving knowledge by making the method freely available to the examinee.

IQ Power first focuses not on the originality of the problem, but rather on the depth and breadth of complexity to which the examinee can solve the problem.

IQ Power

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Rather than simply assume that intelligence is static, we offer the opportunity to test this assumption with a method that is uniquely scientific in its repeatability.

If a method cannot produce repeatable results, then it is NOT scientific. This is the biggest problem with conventional intelligence tests. Once you have solved simultaneous equations for instance, they are no longer such a challenge the next time you encounter them.

If a test is based on your unfamiliarity with the method, it simply cannot be repeated accurately nor can the test guarrantee that your score was not a product of your education or life experience.

IQ Power introduces nested logic tests incorporating basic contextual analysis and ensures that at all times during the test, the examinee can look up any definition or relationship she or he encounters.

This is a good test of the examinees willingness to ask questions when in doubt - a vital aspect of intelligence. At the same time this ensures a level playing field between those who have only taken the test a few times, and those who have taken the test over a hundred times.

A further advantage of this method is its ability to test and measure the variability of intelligence with a wide range of factors including fatigue, intoxication, or even biological cycles; all due to the fact that the tests are repeatable because experience with the test does not bestow any major advantage on the examinee.

Here are some key features of "IQ Power":

■ Two elements

■ Six operators

■ One modifier

■ Simple nesting

■ Three elements

■ Eighteen operators

■ Context testing

■ Priority negotiation testing

■ Roughly normalised scoring


■ 7 days trial.

■ Nag screen.

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