MBAXP ActiveX 1.2.7 Build 150 (Crack + Keygen)

MBAXP is a useful, powerful and simple to use Modbus ActiveX control which allows Visual Basic, Delphi, Excel and other OLE Container applications to quickly and easily access data from a Modbus slave device connected to the PC. MBAXP supports both RTU, ASCII modes and TCP/IP connections.

The communication in each instance of MBAXP runs in its own thread. That means: Your program does not stop responding while waiting for Modbus transactions to finish. You can communicate with multiple ports simultaneously.


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Here are some key features of "Modbus ActiveX":

■ RTU Mode.

■ ASCII Mode.

■ Modbus TCP/IP.

■ Multi-threaded for high data throughput.

■ Sample applications included.

■ No runtime fees.

■ Easy control of RS-485 converters with RTS toggle.

■ Data types supported: Integer, Long, Float and Double.

■ Handles multiple ports.

■ One instance per port.

■ Event driven.

■ You get an event whenever a transaction has finished.

■ Broadcast (slave ID 0).


■ 30 days trial

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