Atomineer Pro Documentation

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Atomineer Pro Documentation is a reliable tool designed to improve your workflow and reduce the program development time in Visual Studio. The tool comes as an extension for Visual Studio, but it also works with Atmel Studio.

The extension can help you generate code documentation and comments, whether as new content or updated text. It supports smart word wrapping within comments and features live typing aid functions, which makes editing comments much easier. Moreover, you can make the documentation reading clearer, easier to read and to edit.

Atomineer Pro Documentation

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Moreover, it facilitates the conversion of legacy documentation to new or compatible formats and allows you to instantly align code, parameters or tabular data. It allows you to quickly arrange the information into dedicated columns, as well as outline functions, generate code or control clipboard contents.

Atomineer Pro Documentation Crack allows you to generate configurable instructions sets in XML, Doxygen, Qt or JavaDoc formats, with support for code elements. You may thus highlight files, namespaces, classes, interfaces, templates, variables, events, delegate or struct elements in your code. The conversion of any selected code element is performed automatically, within a namespace, interface, class, struct or enum scope.

A header declaration can be used as a source for automatically generating a C++ or C skeleton implementation, right in your source file. Additionally, the extension allows you to easily open a matching header for any C++ source file, or vice versa: read a matching source file for a given header.

Atomineer Pro Documentation can help you write documentation code and thus leave comprehensive instructions for each code line you generate. The tool can be used with several programming languages, including C#, C++, C, Visual Basic, TypeScript, Java, JavaScript/JScript, PHP or UnrealScript. Moreover, the comments can be exported to several formats, such as XML Documentation, Doxygen, JavaDoc, JSDoc or Qt, which allows you to easily import them in other projects or IDEs.

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