SmartSVN Professional

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SmartSVN Professional is a practical and effective application worth having when you need to manage and organize a number of related files in a directory structure.

The main window of the utility is very intuitive being the central place for working with SmartSVN Professional. You are able to view logged output from executed SVN commands, collect and display log information from the repository and analyze the local modifications of the currently selected file.

SmartSVN Professional

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The program internally manages your SVN working copies in ‘SmartSVN projects’. These kinds of projects point to one or more SVN directories that contain names and settings attached to them, so each time you are working with the application, you are always working with a project no matter its size, name or configuration.

Using the ‘Import Into Repository’ option from the Project menu, you are able to create a completely new project and start working with your files and directories.

However, the utility shows one project at a time. Still, if you want to work with multiple projects, you can use the ‘New Project Window’ option from the Window menu, then choose whether to open an existing working copy, check out a new project from the repository or open a SmartSVN project.

Using SmartSVN Professional Crack you are able to work with tags and branches as conveniently as if they were native Subversion features. Once you define the project repository locations, you can view all the available directories, performed changes and transactions. When you are required to switch to a different tag or branch, simply access the ‘Tag+Branch’ menu, which displays all information in a hierarchical order.

What’s more important is that you can use the application either as a standalone GUI or integrate it with Windows Explorer. This way, you are able to run all major commands within your favorite file manager.

Considering all of the above, SmartSVN Professional proves to be a steady solution when it comes to organize various directories, compare files and track them for changes, as well as control the access in a multi-user environment. It provides you with a clean presentation of all the commands and allows you to view all the performed changes right in the main window.

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Supported systems Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit

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