Quexal 1.9.2 (Crack + Keygen)

Quexal is a practical tool that helps you write MMX and iSSE code and improve the performance of multimedia, communications and image processing applications.

Quexal, a development environment aimed at MMX/iSSE programmers. The application will help you flatten the learning curve. You can work with well understood concepts, such as variables and common operations, instead of registers and cryptic MMX/SSE opcodes


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Its custom designed graphical interface guides you step by step, displaying only relevant options. The compiler optimizes source code into optimally scheduled MMX/SSE assembly code that can be directly pasted into any other development environment, thus taking the optimization phase, the most time-consuming and error prone one, out of the development cycle;

Users can use MMX and iSSE instructions even if their compiler does not support them, as the bytecode compiler turns source instructions directly into machine language.

Quexal Crack supports the Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++ Builder and Borland Delphi compilers.

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