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People who work with engineering data or students who need to plot numerical data as curves, could necessitate an efficient tool for achieving such tasks. MagicPlot Pro was created as a tool that can be used for inputting tabular data and plotting the resulting functions with ease. It will enable people to customize the resulting plots with standard or user-defined elements and easily export them to image formats.

The application carries a thoughtful design that features numerous colorful buttons and well constructed menus and sections, all in an attractive package. Inputting the tabular data is straightforward and one will be able to add even text format tables, which do not emphasize delimited text data, as the application will automatically detect the corresponding rows and columns.

MagicPlot Pro

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Once the numerical data has been imported, it is only a matter of selecting the preferred plot type and the utility packs several predefined options. These will enable people to add figures, selected axes or fit plots. Options for quickly plotting some of the most common function types are also provided: integrals, differentials, Fast Fourier Transformations, convolutions, etc.

After plotting the preferred functions, one will be able to change the properties for the plot elements, selectively or for the whole plot. This can be easily done directly on the graphs, by using the mouse scroll wheel and gestures or from the object properties, which allows users to customize the plot elements in detail.

In an attempt to provide other tools that might be required when doing plotting operations, the application also offers a small calculator, automatic statistics data for the selected table entries or a dedicated Greek symbol editor. With such accessible tools, offered in a centralized manner, MagicPlot Pro Crack will be quite easy to handle and could appeal even to novices who are just taking contact with this field.

Novice or experienced users alike, they might appreciate what this application has to offer. It will provide them with a friendly package that boasts easy-to-use features and accessible tools. They will be able to import text tabular data without worrying about its formatting and plot the preferred function type in moments. Customizing the resulted graphs can be done efficiently and the application offers quick export of the layouts to image formats.

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