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Solarius-PV is a specialized application that enables you to design photovoltaic solar grids that can serve as a primary source of energy for a household or other structures.

Following a quick setup, you come face to face with a clean, airy and intuitive interface that is organized as a dashboard. The UI does not only ensure quick access to the desired function or feature of the app, but it can also help you achieve a more fluid workflow in the long-run.


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You will be happy to learn that the program is designed to select an appropriate size and position the solar panels on the rooftops as well as on ground mounted systems. In fact, you can import DFX, CAD or DWG drawings of the structure or building plan and the app automatically resizes and positions the panels automatically, regardless of the type of roof, surface, shape or exposure.

It is important to note that you can calculate the overall efficiency of the photovoltaic system on both a detailed hourly production rate and annual productivity. Consequentially, you can assess the profitability of the scheme and even provide your customers with an estimation regarding the payback period of the entire PV grid system.

As a side note, the app enables you to perform a panel shading analysis and identify all objects and elements (trees, buildings, hills, etc.) based on a landscape photo of the location. You can preview the shadows of nearby obstacles on an hourly, monthly and yearly basis.

A further noteworthy feature is that you can generate documents, such as technical reports that include the design options and electrical compatibility checks, for instance via this too. The program allows you to generate economic reports as well as technical drawings in a PDF file format.

If you want to do your duty for the environment and trade standard energy sources for green photovoltaic solar grids, then Solarius-PV Crack can help you draft the schematics, documents, certificates and generate the money you can save by making this transition.

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