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Chemissian is a complex tool for analyzing molecules electronic structures and spectra, design for visualizing and interpreting chemical data.

With Chemissian, you can build molecular orbitals energy level diagrams, add text labels to diagrams, place electrons on the energy levels and make connector lines between molecular orbitals energy levels.


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Everything you create in this advanced and complex molecule structure builder, you can modify, analyze, spin, move, so you can get a better overview of your research.

Beside creating advanced graphic representations of molecular structures, their spectra and energy levels, you can also create diagrams and graphs, to which you can add text labels.

Doing complex chemical analysis sometimes require different programs to be used for their specific purpose and features. And that requires the ability to import or export your data from one program to another.

Chemissian Crack supports integration of output data files from Firefly, GAMESS, GAUSSIAN, Spartan, NWChem or Q-Chem, so you can continue your work in a specific virtual environment that allows the use of specialized features.

If you prefer your workspace to look a certain way, Chemissian comes with the option to show or hide any built-in window. For better viewing your graphical molecular representations, you can resize a certain window to the desired size. And of course, move the windows around and arrange them the way you want.

You can close the windows that are not useful to you, and then bring them back from the Window menu when you need them.

Chemisian allows you to compress and save the results of your multiple calculations in a special file format, which otherwise would occupy a sizable amount of disk space.

Chemissian is a powerful graphic representation and analysis utility, designed for creating molecular structures, spectra and energy levels, as well for calculating advanced chemical equations.

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