Random Walk

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Random number generators come in handy in various analysis procedures, but also video games with procedurally generated content. There’s somewhat of a steady line when picking random numbers in multiple sequential attempts. In this regard, Random Walk wants to demonstrate how random numbers are picked in multiple turns, and what the general tendency is.

First of all, the application skips you the whole effort of getting it installed on your PC, so you can easily carry it around on a thumb drive to run the simulation on other computers. Another advantage of portability is that the computer you run it on stays clean, since registry entries don’t need to be modified to ensure functionality.

Random Walk

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On the visual side of things, the interface makes accommodation a walk in the park, but you might end up scratching your head for a while until you understand what exactly the two axis stand for. Stretching on X are the number of steps of the overall process, while Y displays the pool of numbers from which the application selects a value.

Each try generates a plot which is pretty easy to understand once you know what X and Y stand for. By default, the application generates two attempts in up to 30 steps. A random number is selected for each step, while the evolution of a process is shown as a polyline in a specific color to make each attempt easy to identify.

There’s also a custom mode you can use. This allows you to specify the number of attempts, as well as the number of steps to take. Sadly, custom values aren’t saved and you need to configure them for every trigger. All values can be saved either as CSV or TXT, but with no option to save the graph itself as a picture.

In conclusion, Random Walk Crack might not weight a lot in terms of actual practicality, but it does serve as a good example of the tendency of picking random numbers in multiple steps. Custom processes can be initiated, while all generated values can be saved either as CSV or TXT, but not the graph itself.

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