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The Internet has become the main instrument for communication and getting information all around the world. Still, there are a lot of threats for the user: viruses and other malicious software, as well as dangerous websites are all-present.

AVG LinkScanner’s purpose is to allow safe browsing on the Internet. This software is a handy solution that enables you to search and surf the Web without worries. It protects you from ever-increasing online threats, by checking each web page in real time before it opens on your computer.

AVG LinkScanner

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First of all, AVG LinkScanner runs in the system tray, permanently keeping an eye on the websites you access. It protects your computer without any effort from your part, although you have the possibility to adjust its settings at any time.

This protection module includes two components: Search-Shield and Surf-Shield. As the names suggest, these components, once activated, help you keep away from web-based attacks when searching or surfing the Internet.

AVG LinkScanner offers easy access to settings, allowing you to optionally disable one or both of the protection methods, as well as the system tray notifications.

You can integrate AVG LinkScanner Crack with the compatible web browsers on your computer by installing an extension named AVG Safe Search. After enabling the addon, the program alerts you of any possible threat found on a website by displaying a rating and the risk category in your search engine. These are as follows: ‘Safe’, ‘Warning’ and 'Dangerous'. Still, you can access the website if you really want to.

Furthermore, AVG LinkScanner includes on-demand scan feature, so you can easily scan a website address in order to detect threats on the page before you access it. The results are compatible with the ones other security products display. After viewing the scanning result, you can open the page directly from the main window of AVG LinkScanner.

In order to be notified about any new threats that you may encounter online, you can perform an update of AVG LinkScanner at any time you want.

Online threats are not all about viruses, as identity and personal information stealing have become a real issue. AVG LinkScanner is designed to prevent these situations, allowing you to safely surf, social network, search and shop without worrying.

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