Dekart Private Disk

Dekart Private Disk 2.12 (Crack + Keygen)

Dekart Private Disk is an easy to use, powerful and useful disk encryption utility that lets you to transparently encrypt proprietary data. Dekart Private Disk creates one or more virtual disks on your hard drive and/or other external storage devices.

Once a user creates a virtual encrypted disk, that disk is assigned a new drive letter and appears to the user like any other system drive (like the A: or C: drive).

Dekart Private Disk

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When the disk is mounted, the data is automatically encrypted and decrypted when the user writes or reads this data respectively. Dekart Private Disk encrypts and decrypts all data stored on the encrypted disk with virtually no performance penalty.

When the disk is unmounted, either manually or by logging out of Windows, the secure data it contains becomes completely unreadable and undetectable by the operating system.

Dekart Private Disk minimizes your security risks by employing encryption algorithms, certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology as corresponding to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Hash Standard (SHA-1).

Dekart Private Disk Crack allows you to store your information on a host of media such HDD, FDD, CD, CD/R, CD/RW, MO, MD, ZIP-disks, flash drives, all types of flash memory cards, PDAs, and even digital cameras.

You have the flexibility to allow multiple users to share a single PC.

Ctrl+F12 - deactivates virtual encrypted disk

Ctrl+Alt+F12 - deactivates virtual encrypted disk and exit the application

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