Kremlin Encrypt

Kremlin Encrypt 3.0 (Crack + Keygen)

Kremlin Encrypt is designed to offer a simple way to protect any type of data easily and without investing too much effort in the operation.

The application is non-intrusive and functions by dropping the desired data on its icon on the desktop screen; immediately, a dialog window pops up asking for a password.

Kremlin Encrypt

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During the installation process the tool offers the possibility to configure it to run unattended at specific times and perform actions such as wiping the free space on the hard disk or clear the various history files.

Alternatively, it can carry out these tasks, along with data encryption, before the computer is turned off. The list of supported encryption algorithms includes NewDES, Cast-128, RC4, Safer SK-128 and Blowfish.

Instructing it do do this sort of tasks can be done after the installation is complete, from the configuration panel.

The encrypted file is stored in the same location as the original and it is associated with Kremlin Encrypt Crack; this way, when it is launched, the application automatically asks for the unlock phrase in order to perform the decryption.

An important feature in the program is the availability of a recycle bin. Its purpose is to wipe any data securely, consisting in corrupting the content first so that it cannot be retrieved through specific data recovery means.

Apart from this, the bundle also includes a tool for encrypting text in order to exchange email messages without worrying about them being intercepted.

Kremlin Encrypt is capable of running multiple overwrite actions for sensitive data on the hard disk as well as for the free memory, thus making sure that information available in the buffer is not retrieved by a potential attacker.

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