Easy Service Optimizer

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Easy Service Optimizer is a simple to use application dedicated to managing the computer services and allowing you to quickly enable/disable them. It can optimize Windows booting process and performance by tweaking the specified services: for example those that are not critical for core system features.

In Windows, you may view some of the running services with the help of the Task Manager, however it only offers you few tools for controlling them. Easy Service Optimizer can detect and display most of the services installed and running on your computer, allowing you to disable those that are unnecessary.

Easy Service Optimizer

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You may easily increase your system’s performance with the help of this program, by identifying those processes that run in the background and are not necessarily required. This can be a very useful feature, especially on computers with low system resources.

For instance, program updaters, print spooler or bluetooth support are not required to constantly run. However, they start with Windows and take up a certain amount of resources.

Easy Service Optimizer Crack is intuitive, easy to use and does not require installation. It is designed to optimize your Windows system, allowing you to improve its performance, even if you do not have extensive knowledge in the field.

The Service List includes only the optimization capable processes and allows you to change their startup type. This action is reversible, without causing permanent damage to your system. It is, however, recommended that you document the services you cannot recognize.

Easy Service Optimizer allows you to load any of the supported Service Lists, from Services_NT5.1, up to Services_NT10.0. This action can easily be reversed, by selecting the Reset Service List option. You may enable, disable, edit the selected services, as well as add new ones, by choosing from among the available ones.

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